A Horror Movie Inspired Cookbook: Freaky Eats – Recipes from the Dark Side

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Even if Halloween has come and gone, there’s no reason the thrills of horror have to end! This book is for horror movie buffs who can never get enough spine-tingling entertainment.

Whether you love terrifying paranormal flicks or horror-comedies, there’s an abundance to choose from, though you may be too embarrassed to admit these guilty pleasures!

One aspect of horror films that often goes unnoticed is the pivotal role food plays. It’s frequently used as a prop to highlight supernatural happenings or graphic gore.

From classic thrillers like Psycho to modern fright-fests like Sweeney Todd, food forms the basis for bizarre plot points and twists.

This book delivers 30 killer recipes drawn straight from horror movies, along with chilling trivia tied to each.

While the creepy facts may turn your stomach, the recipes themselves will leave you hungry for more frightful fare!

So let’s stop hesitating and sink our fangs deep into these terrifyingly tasty treats!

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