Get on Amazon Botanicals With Benefits: Develop A New Relationship With Your Garden: The Edible Flower Volume

Ethnobotanical Explorer—would like to take you on a journey to explore plant uses of the plants under your very nose! Did you know that many of our common garden plants have multiple uses that you can access and incorporate into your life?

This Edible Flowers book is the first in a series of books about Botanicals With Benefits. The edible flowers featured in this book are all common garden plants, and they all have more uses than just being edible flowers. There are so many ways in which garden plants work for us, or could be working for us, but until now, there have only been a few places to learn about this vital knowledge. More than ever, now is the important time to begin learning this knowledge, as our lives have been changed forever by a pandemic. Whereas globalism had centered the perspectives of our lives around a global economy, today it is important to start looking inward.. and Kerry would like to show you that there is no better place to start looking than in your own backyard.

This book series will show you that the plants around you can enrich your life with edible flowers, teas, foods, medicines, cut flowers, meaning, aromas that can be applied to the body or in the house, and much more. They are right there for the picking and there is no better way to start your journey than with just one plant…

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