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The meat from catfish is considered a Southern specialty and doesn’t have the same fishy taste of some other seafood and fish dishes. Catfish are available fresh, frozen or live. It can be bought filleted, whole, and meat pieces cut from the mid-body sections known as ‘nuggets’. Catfish meat has a mild nutty taste and firm texture.

Table of Contents: Catfish Recipes


1. Broiled Catfish with Cheese and Cajun Seasoning
2. Catfish with Tomatoes and Cashew Crust
3. Catfish in Butter and Coconut Milk Sauce
4. Catfish Patties
5. Cheesy Catfish Sandwich
6. Stuffed Catfish with Crab
7. Catfish Nugget Wraps
8. Catfish Hash with Potato
9. Baked Catfish with Tartar Sauce
10. Catfish in Bacon Wrap


11. Indian Style Catfish Curry
12. Catfish with Roasted Tomatoes
13. Catfish and Okra in Hot Pepper Sauce
14. Catfish with Crawfish Tail Meat and Shrimp
15. Claypot Fish (Vietnamese Style)
16. Blackened Catfish with Lemon Zest
17. Claypot Fish with Ginger
18. Catfish with Udon Noodles Soup
19. Catfish with Pineapple Soup
20. Spicy Catfish in Coconut Milk


21. Blackened Catfish in Bay Shrimp Sauce
22. Catfish in Sweet and Spicy Sauce
23. Catfish Stew with Green Tomatoes
24. Zest Blackened Catfish with Dip
25. Catfish with Crawfish Tails in Worcestershire Sauce
26. Catfish with Tomato Puree
27. Spicy Catfish with Stir-Fried Noodles
28. Grilled Catfish with Herbs
29. Catfish Steak
30. Grilled Catfish with Herbs and Pepper
31. Catfish with Grilled Bacon

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