Cherries Healthy Benefits

June is a big month for cherries! This time of year, Cherries are in abundance, bursting with flavor and you have plenty of varieties to choose from. In addition to being delicious, cherries provide significant benefits to your health and wellness. With just 51 calories in 10 cherries, there is no need to be shy.

Cherries Promote Better Sleep

Cherries, especially tart varieties, are one of the few food sources of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps control your sleep cycle throughout the night.

Cherries Provide Antioxidants

Cherries are a great source for antioxidants. Antioxidants ward off deseases and chronic illnesses including cancer, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s and more. Cherries are also include anti-inflammatory properties

Cherries reduce pains from exercising

Cherries helps support muscle recovery and protect against cellular wear and tear that occurs from strenuous exercice.

Cherries protect against diabetes

Cherries glycemic index ranks lower than that of many other fruits. Being low on the glycemic index means that cherries won’t trigger spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels, which means they can be important in a diabetic diet.

Cherries provide arthritis relief

Many medical research studies have suggested that consumption of cherries are beneficial for osteoarthritis sufferers. Regularly incorporating cherry juice or cherries themselves into your meal or snack routine may help lessen joint pain. If using cherry juice, make sure its 100% juice with no added sugars.

Cherries reduces pain from gout

Over eight million adults in the U.S. suffer from gout. Gout is an inflammatory arthritis that is triggered by uric acid crystallizes within the joints. Uric acid causes excruciating pain and swelling in joints. One medical research study suggested gout patients who consumed cherries, either as a juice or fresh fruit, for just two days showed a 35% lower risk of painful attacks from gout compared to those who did not eat cherries.

Cherries lower cholesterol

Medical research studies have shown that drinking cherry juice, especially from tart cherries can help lower total cholesterol, including LDL, the bad type of choleserol. High LDL is a particularly bad problem due to its relationship to heart attack risk.

Incorporating Cherries into your Diet

Cherries are particularly plentiful during the months of June and into July. They are both flavorful and healthy to eat. Off season, look for cherry juice from both sweet and tart varieties of cherries. You can also look for preservative-free dried cherries, frozen cherries, and freeze-dried powders you can use as a supplement.

What’s more, add frozen cherries or cherry powder into smoothies, or add it to your mourning cereal or oatmeal.. Stir chopped dried cherries into nut butter or melted dark chocolate, or sprinkle onto salads and cooked veggies. What’s more refreshing than tart cherry juice in sparkling water. Or drink it straight up if you’re struggling with sleep, or want to maximize exercise recovery benefits.

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