Christmas Fudge Cookbook: Easy-to-make fudge cookie recipes to make for your special celebrations and serve as appetizer, snack, and dessert

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Delicious Christmas fudge recipes to eat for all-year-round celebrations.

Delicious fudge meals for kids and adults.
Christmas is a yearly celebration which must be accompanied with delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks, appetizer, and desserts.
This book contains several tasty fudge recipes you can cook for your kids, their friends and the whole household during this special occasion.
With this book, you will not run out of ideas on the fudge you should prepare during any special holiday celebration and events.
Majority of the people that tried the recipes in this book affirmed the fudge are great treats that can be cooked during Christmas, New year, or Easter holiday celebrations. Your children will definitely enjoy the meals
What more? You don’t have to be a great cook in the kitchen to prepare any of the fudge contained in this book. It’s very easy to bake with step-by-step instructions that will help you through the process.
You can also use this book as a gift for your friends and loved ones.

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