Get on Amazon o Michaels – The Baking Author – A Cookbook for the Digital Age: as seen on YouTube

Tired of spending money on cookbooks that get you nowhere? How about those complicated directions that leave you frustrated? Or even those recipes that leave you with a literal bad taste in your mouth? Ew. What if you could get the best of all worlds?

Unlike any cookbook on the market, and ONLY available in digital format.

Enter a world where you choose your meal, get a shopping list, and then watch someone walk you through preparing the dish you’ve selected while teaching you how to adjust the flavors to fit your preferences.

After all, it’s your kitchen. You do you.

New content uploaded quarterly that will include exclusive recipes only available to owners of this book.

Easy to navigate. Excellent results every time. Super tasty food. After all, a cookbook should always be about flavor, right?

Join Jo Michaels in her kitchen for food, fun, and flavor, and get new tips and recipes every week.

Let’s make cooking and baking fun again!

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