Pan Cookbook: 150 delicious and simple recipes for quick dishes from the pan

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Cook delicious and easy stir-fries without spending a lot of time!

You don’t feel like standing in the kitchen in the evening after work and therefore often prefer ready meals?

Would you like to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but think you don’t have time for it?

Would you like to conjure up quick, simple and delicious dishes without much effort?

Not anymore! With this cookbook you only get dishes that you can use to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

In this cookbook you can find:

  • 150 delicious and unusual recipes with nutritional information and preparation times for quick and correct preparation even with a heavy and stressful day at work.
  • An individual shopping list based on your recipe selection can be put together quickly, which will help you to make targeted purchases.
  • Why you can eat healthy and balanced with stir-fries.
  • Which pans are best suited so that you are optimally equipped.

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