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Do you wish to adopt a modified version of the vegetarian diet to stop feeling deprived and give your body enough supply of essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and healthy proteins?  And are you looking for a collection of mouthwatering Mexican recipes that will ensure you never run short of ideas on what to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, desserts and more.

As more people adopt the vegetarian diet, more are realizing that following the strict version of the vegetarian diet is too restrictive and ends up making them miss important nutrients that they would have a hard time getting from plant-based sources.

The fact that you are here means you have probably experienced the main challenges of the vegetarian diet, such as the cost, the strictness, and the fact it lacks many important nutrients.

If you are looking to solve these problems or you are looking for a new diet to begin with, adopting the pescatarian diet will probably be the right choice for you.

You are probably wondering…

How do I ensure I have enough variety of foods to prepare so I never run out of ideas of stuff to prepare?

Can I prepare different cuisines?

How can I ensure I don’t end up spending too much money at it?

How exactly do you start taking fish and sea food and still be considered a vegetarian?

How do you turn the foods allowed into mouthwatering recipes that bring you amazing benefits?

All the answers to these questions will be inside this book.

More precisely, you will find:

  • An assorted list of the of the best Mexican Pescatarian recipes for you to prepare for breakfast, lunch, supper and dessert
  • Each recipe has a short history of how it came to be and what makes it special
  • The recipes consist of clear and concise instructions on how to perfectly prepare each of the meals
  • The ingredients listed on each recipe are affordable and readily available
  • The instructions are step-by-step so you don’ feel lost at any point
  • And much more

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