6 Tips for Including Floral Flavors in Your Meals

The best edible floral flavors include Borage blossoms, Zucchini blossoms, hibiscus, lavender, pansies, sage flowers, roses, and violets. Here are some of the best possible ways of incorporating edible floral flavors in our meals.

#1: The floral salads

One of the best possible ways of adding floral flavors such as Marigold leaves, is to blend them with other key salad ingredients. Make sure you arrange the green components inside a spacious bowl before adding the floral flavor to the mix. Mix perfectly to distribute the flavor.

#2: Combine different floral flavors for a fine blend in your recipes

Floral flavor like anise buds and wild roses, for instance, can be combined very well in recipes. The wild roses, for instance, has a fragrance that can be subdued, though it tastes very lovely, while the anise buds are more delicate. You can combine these two flavors to create one of the most amazing flavorful recipes, especially for your cakes.

#3: Make use of Chive floral flavor for your garnishes

Chive flowers are delicate in flavor. They can create some tangy and fresh taste and they can also create some bold spike in flavor when added as a garnish for other foods.

#4: Add chilly floral flavors to veggies and herbaceous meals

Chilly floral flavors such as Marigolds have peppery tastes, likewise they can add more vibrant colors to your foods. Chilly floral flavors can also be added to your regular chicken and chips. You will be surprised at how delicious and nutritious these florals can be when added to your meals.

#5: Add the frozen floral flavors into your beverage

Do you want to make your beverages taste more delicious without adding white sugar? You may want to consider frozen florals such as Gardenia petals and lavender. You can make use of the silicone ice molds and then add the petals into water or your preferred beverage such as fruit juice or coffee, before freezing them. With this addition, you can create a wonderful holiday cocktail for your friends and family or just something refreshing during the hot summer days.

#6: Add floral flavors to your seeds and nuts

Many floral flavors such as Gardenia petals can be consumed raw, hence they can be added to many foods eaten raw, these include the seeds and nuts. The floral flavors can be grounded and a little should be added at a time to improve the tastes of the foods.

In conclusion, it is ideal to know which floral flavor can be consumed raw and the ones that cannot. This will help you avoid some complications associated with consuming inedible flowers. It is also ideal to consume edible floral flavors in small quantities, especially when you are a beginner in the use of such flavors. There are some delicate floral flavors that can lose their flavor under intense heat, hence they must be prepared with little or no eat, in order to retain a significant part of their flavor.

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