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Where did Afghanistan’s delicious recipes come from originally?

Why is Afghan cuisine largely not as well-known as that of their neighbors, like India?

What can you look forward to in Afghani dishes?

The dishes of Afghanistan are very unique. They are spices and flavors of Afghan dishes are a wonderful blend of the cuisine from the regions surrounding the country. Unlike Indian food, Afghan dishes are usually made with spices that are not too pungent or hot. That doesn’t mean their recipes are bland, though. They are a delicious blend of exotic and tasty dishes.

Cooking is an important part of the culture of Afghanistan. They welcome even unexpected guests into their homes and will happily serve them whatever they are making for dinner. No one leaves the table while still hungry.

The specific types of dishes served in Afghanistan are symbolic, as well. Palau is their national dish, served on many special occasions. Mahi and Haft Mewa fish are often served during New Year celebrations.

Afghans believe that the foods they eat are elemental and affect the body by warming or cooling it. The people appreciate their food a great deal. They take pride in the meals they prepare and are most happy when their guests are satisfied. They are able to substitute spices as desired, to make many unique dishes. Turn the page, let’s cook true Afghan dishes!

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