Get on Amazon Asian Bowls Cookbook: 80 Recipes For Healthy Thai Chinese Indian And Japanese Bowls

Are you looking for an Asian Bowls Cookbook with 80 traditional recipes?

In this book, Asian Bowls Cookbook by Maki Blanc, you will discover 80 healthy and easy to make Asian Bowls from Asian cuisine.

Bowls are extremely famous nowadays for two main reasons: healthy diet and practical all in one meals. In a bowl you have carbs, proteins and fats in a single dish, big enough to satisfy your hunger and easy enough to be eaten on the go or on the couch. Asian food is perfect when it comes to prepare a bowl, not only due to the large usage of rice as staple food in many dishes but also because it is a style fitting the asian cuisine perfectly.

In this cookbook you will find several recipes from the major asian cuisines and you will be able to spot the differences in texture and flavors when it comes to taste a Thai bowl or a Korean bowl. Spices, herbs, vegetables and a large variety of ingredients will complete the bowls in an unforgettable way.

In Asian Bowls Cookbook by Maki Blanc you will learn:

  • How to prepare typical and authentic healthy Asian Bowls at home
  • 80 recipes for Thai Chinese Indian and Japanese Bowls
  • 80 recipes for a balanced but full of flavors diet

If you are looking for an healthy and delicious cookbook for Asian Bowls this book will let you explore the depth of the Asian cuisine!

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