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Eating the same breakfast day in and day out can become monotonous over time. Whipping up a quick-and-easy breakfast sandwich instead can start your day right and have you looking forward to each morning meal. Unleash your inner chef, and try various breakfast fillings to spice thing up.

Table of Contents: Breakfast Sandwiches

1) The Best Ham and Cheese Sandwich
2) Hearty Breakfast Sandwich
3) Mini Pizza’s with Scrambled Egg
4) Cheesy Buttered Breakfast Sandwich
5) Cheesy Baguette with Basil and Egg
6) Bacon, Omelette and Tomato English Muffin
7) Avocado and Egg Breakfast Sandwich
8) Energizing Egg Breakfast Sandwich
9) Sautéed Spinach, Mushroom and Egg Breakfast Sandwich
10) Sauerkraut and Egg Gluten-Free Breakfast Sandwich
11) Cheesy Onion and Italian Sausage Breakfast Sandwich
12) Cream Cheese Salmon with Spinach and Egg Breakfast Sandwich
13) Avocado, Arugula and Egg Sandwich
14) Avocado, Bacon, Tomato and Egg Breakfast Sandwich
15) Hash Brown Patty with Spinach and Cheese Sandwich
16) Hearty Meatless Breakfast Sandwich
17) Sausage, Bacon, and Avocado Breakfast Sandwich
18) Baked Egg and Spinach with Avocado Bagel Sandwich
19) Toasted Baguette with Mixed Greens, Avocado and Egg Sandwich
20) Toasted Croissants with Buttered Egg and Bean Sprouts
21) Asparagus with Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich
22) Tangy Feta Cheese over English Muffin
23) Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich
24) Simple Veggie Packed Breakfast Sandwich
25) Egg with Avocado and Aioli Spread Bagel Sandwich
26) Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup and Fruits on Sandwich
27) Fried Egg with Reuben Sandwich
28) Israeli Style Fried Eggplant Sandwich
29) Spicy Cheesy Kale Breakfast Sandwich
30) Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Chutney Breakfast Sandwich
31) Fig with Goat Cheese in Cinnamon-Raisin Breakfast Sandwich

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