Get on Amazon Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, Daily for a Week Keto Meal Plan +100 Low-Carb Recipes

Keto for beginners is an extensive guide to what keto is, the basics of the diet, and how a person can utilize it to reach their health goals.

It discusses the basics of the keto diet, which is to take in more fats than carbs and proteins during the day to promote the body entering a stage called ketosis. Ketosis is when the liver runs out of carbs and sugars to convert for energy, so it starts to use fats, instead. In this process, it burns through a person’s stored fat and then focuses on the fat they are consuming as an energy source.

 The keto diet can help people with a wide array of health issues. Its foremost strength is usually weight loss, though, because that’s why people typically start the diet. By burning through fat stored in the body, the diet can help people lose unwanted weight quickly and safely. It can also improve heart health by reducing the amount of bad fats a person eats and replacing them with healthy fats that are easier for the body to break down and use as fuel. Keto can also help to regulate and improve symptoms in women with polycystic ovary syndrome by creating a better balance of hormones in the body.

For people who are not ready to dive into keto or who are following the standard diet for a while and are ready for a change, a number of different keto styles can fit any goal and lifestyle. Discussed in detail in this book, the types include targeted keto, cyclical keto, and high-protein keto. Each plan focuses on a different issue or goal a person might have and suggests ways to adjust a keto diet to meet their needs.

As with any diet, starting keto can trigger some significant changes in the body, which can result in some side effects. The notorious keto flu, possibly the best-known side effect of the diet, usually happens after about a week of following protocol. This is the point where a person’s body switches over from normal function and into ketosis. This book discusses why the keto flu occurs, what some of the common symptoms are, and how to alleviate some discomfort to continue with the diet. It also gives some instruction on how long a person should remain on the keto diet after completing their initial goals and whether they should switch to a different keto style.

Eating keto at home is one hurdle but learning how to shop and keep keto at restaurants can be another obstacle for beginners to face. Knowing which foods to focus on can be important to keeping the diet and remaining in ketosis after initially getting the body to switch over. Creating comprehensive shopping lists and strategically planning a trip to the grocery store can help keep people in the right frame of mind to resist temptation. Eating at restaurants requires similar discipline and is discussed in more detail in the second half of this helpful guide.

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