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The first time I had mousse was at my cousin’s birthday party. We were there celebrating, having fun, eating and drinking.

I remembered that we were done with dinner and as were planning to leave the restaurant, the waiter signaled us to hold on for the dessert.

I wanted to pass on it because I was full as I had eaten a whole lot during the course of the dinner. My cousin persuaded me to stay and try it out because it was her favorite dessert.

I eventually did and we were served mousse in different flavors – Chocolate, pumpkin and lemon flavors.

I took a taste of all and that was it!! I fell in love at first taste and I was hooked for life!
After my cousin’s birthday, I started trying to learn how to prepare mousse. And before I could say Jack and Robinson, I had learnt a lot of mousse variations than I bargained for!

I had become a mousse connoisseur!

And I loved being that!

From then till now, I have gathered over a hundred mousse recipes, out of which I have gladly highlighted more than enough recipes for you to try out!

This mousse recipe book is the best you can get as it features mouthwatering Mousse Dessert Ideas that everyone can enjoy!!!

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