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When people think of French food, often they think of high costs and small portions. However, the scope of French food has evolved over the years. Many French dishes are easy to prepare and have become quite common on restaurant menus throughout the world.

<h3>Table of Contents: French Cuisine</h3>
1.Cali’s Sinful Crème choco chips
2.French wow Sandwiches
3.Strip Steaks with Garden Peppercorn Sauce
4.Grilled sweet Peach and Goat Cheese Canapés
5. Chicken Sandwiches grilled with ChipotleMayonnaise
6. French Chicken with Peas & Bacon
7. French mushroom Bourguignon
8.Onion Chicken Dijon
9. Creamy Shrimp and Pasta
10. Buttery Asparagus Risotto
11.Gratin potato Dauphinois
12. Orangey Cassoulet
13.Chop pork “Maman Blanc” With Sauté Potatoes
14. Chocolaty Crepes with Sautéed Bananas
15.MusselsMariniere with Italian leaf
16.Lamb and pistachio kebab skewer and sauce
17. FriseéWith Bacon and boiled eggs
18.French parsley Beef Stew
19.Provençal Tarts
20. SaladeLyonnaise
21.Peas& Lettuce buttery soup
22.Quiche cheesy Au SaumonEtCrevettes
23. Ratatouille in tomatina flavor
24. Canard duck À L’orange
25. Strawberry syrup with Fresh Normandy Cream
26.Quiche bacon alsatian recipe
27. Quick chicken Au Vin
28. Ouillade bacon veggie soup
29. Lotte saffron Al Americaine
30. Lobster Thermidor
31. Almond Lemony Chevre

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